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ALCHEMY OF SOULS (Complete Season2Episode1-10)

 ALCHEMY OF SOULS (Complete Season2Episode1-10)

Set in a fictional country called Daeho that does not exist in history or on maps, it is about the love and growth of young magicians as they overcome their twisted fates.

S02: Jang Uk, now a fierce but troubled hunter of the soul shifters, meets an imprisoned young woman who seeks his help to reclaim her freedom.

Watch trailer below!!!


Released date: December 10, 2022

Cast: Lee Jae-wook, Jung So-min, Minhyun

Download Full Season 2 Episode 1-10 below…

1. Season 2 Episode 1

Alchemy of Souls S02E01 (DremelEraBlog.com).mkv (129.48MB)

2. Season 2 Episode 2

Alchemy of Souls S02E02 (DremelEraBlog.com).mkv (97.99MB)

3. Season 2 Episode 3

Alchemy of Souls S02E03 (DremelEraBlog.com).mkv (119.44MB)

4. Season 2 Episode 4

Alchemy of Souls S02E04 (DremelEraBlog.com).mkv (110.78MB)

5. Season 2 Episode 5

Alchemy of Souls S02E05 (DremelEraBlog.com).mkv (101.97MB)

6. Season 2 Episode 6

Alchemy of Souls S02E06 (DremelEraBlog.com).mkv (99.63MB)

7. Season 2 Episode 7

Alchemy of Souls S02E07 (DremelEraBlog.com).mkv (93.2MB)

8. Season 2 Episode 8

Alchemy of Souls S02E08 (DremelEraBlog.com).mkv (91.04MB)

9. Season 2 Episode 9

Alchemy of Souls S02E09 (DremelEraBlog.com).mkv (99.66MB)

10. Season 2 Episode 10-Season Finale

Alchemy of Souls S02E10 (DremelEraBlog.com).mkv (122.41MB)

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